Ximena Martinez finish with great success “Buscando a Frida”

The intrigue story of some desperate parents trying to find their daughter Frida uncovers hidden truths about all Teran Pons family members.

This proyect marked Ximena Martinez debut on Telemundo screens playing the role of Ingrid Teran, a young woman who hides many things of herself and her cousin Frida.

Ingrid discovers many cruel truths, which hurt her a lot and had to get through the whole history.

Join us tonight for the great final and discover what will happen with Ingrid Teran and we will know… what happen to Frida.

“Buscando a Frida” was a project that I enjoy the most, not only for being with my partners on set, but also for the project, the story and the role. Ingrid gave me a lot and I will always be grateful, also with the team, actors, crew, production and direction team. I hope you can enjoy it soon through a streaming platform”

Said Ximena Martinez