Nuestro Objetivo:

Al ser una de las agencias mas reconocidas de talento hispano, nuestro principal objetivo es posicionar en todos los mercados de habla hispana en el todo  mundo del entretenimiento, en sus diferentes facetas,  a nuestros talentos e impulsar y proyectar sus carreras hasta alcanzar los objetivos mas altos, logrando así consolidar sus carreras no solo este mercado, sino también en el  anglo donde el talento hispano es cada día mas requerido y valorado.

Algunos de los talentos que representamos son:
Lupita Ferrer, Marjorie de Sousa, Pedro Moreno, Christian Meier, Danilo Carrera, Susana Dosamantes por mencionar algunos.

“Con licencias vigentes en Estados Unidos en los estados de la Florida y California, asi como en Mexico y Colombia”

Our Company

As Latin America’s largest talent management firm, we seek to create and foster the growth of those who have entrusted their careers with us.

Palomera Group is foremost a family. As the industry shifts in a direction where profits and return on investments are key when deciding which projects/proposals to purse, we strive to look beyond the numbers. An artists greatest asset is their well being, and as such we seek opportunities that aid them in attaining and in elevating them to the next level. With a track record of over 14 years, we have not only helped to develop the careers of such icons in the entertainment industry, such as Lupita Ferrer, Marjorie de Sousa, Pedro Moreno, Christian Meier, Danilo Carrera, William Valdes but countless others.

Palomera Group is the only talent management firm in Latin America that is perfectly positioned to leverage its talent capital in the U.S. Hispanic Market. With the U.S Hispanic population being the #1 minority group in the U.S., and accounting for over 32% of the U.S. film box office. Our talent are not only recognizable but are a proven leaders within the Hispanic community at large, making them more reputable.

As such, as the industry leaders we provide a service that really encompasses a 360 approach. Our greatest asset at Palomera Group, is integrity, it has been at the core for the last 14 years and will continue to be so as we continue to grow and expand into new markets. | Talentos Híspanos